Application of Rainpaulin

We are the well-known manufacturers and exporters of wide variety of RAINPAULIN PE Tarpaulins. RAINPAULIN PE woven fabric, woven sacks, and other related products. Our extensive range of products finds application in different industries for protection of their material.

  • It’s waterproof and weatherproof that means- no leakage, no humidity and no attacks from microbes or fungus. It works as the best temporary tents and coverings.
  • It is resistant to ultraviolet exposure.
  • RAINPAULIN is available in 125 GSM, 150 GSM, 250 GSM, 340 GSM and above.
  • RAINPAULIN protect from rain for covering trucks, railway wagons and industrial machines and their valuable materials.
  • RAINPAULIN Tarpaulin is flexible and tears resistance because the high tensile strength and high elongation make the tarpaulin extremely flexible, so the tarpaulin is ideal for covering odd shaded objects and can be used to cover blunt or solid objects.
  • Also compared to cotton Tarpaulins, RAINPAULIN Virgin Tarpaulin is far more economical, and it is also available in an attractive range in color and quality.
  • Works as the best pool covers to protect your pool from snow and dust
  • Stacking railway wagon covers or floor lining for storage
  • Ground worksheet and transportation
  • Waterproof liner for trucks, tempos, warehouses, sheds, etc
  • Grain storage and agriculture activities fumigation covers, poultry shading
  • Construction sites covering for cement bags, types of equipment, metal rods, etc
  • Curtains for the unfinished building
  • In various packaging industries

Monsoon Sheds

Having many years of experience, we construct sheds covered with Waterproof Tarpaulins, either on hire basis or on an outright basis. Moreover, we can construct the sheds precisely as per your design and specifications. Our professionals are readily available to inspect the site, assess the requirements, design the sheds and construct them perfectly and satisfactorily to suit needs.

We have the privilege of having constructed such high-class sheds for leading Public and Private sectors, Government Organisation, Food Complexes, Warehouses, Hotel, and other organizations; where protection is most crucial against the unpredictable monsoon sheds and can give you great sheds with day and night services promptly and satisfactorily.

A systematic plan is prepared before the commencement of work for proper designing to take care of strength, economy, smooth and quick movements and also the completion of the target by the highly skilled experts with vast years of experience behind them.