We offer tarpaulin in cut sizes as well as in full and finished sizes. The multiple structured layers make the durability very high of these tough tarpaulins and are especially suitable for rugged/rough one.

We have been successfully popular, emerging in the field of manufacturing and export of tarpaulin products.

A Tarpaulin is nothing, but a large sheet of durable, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material. Tarpaulins often have reinforced AI-Eyelets at the corners and along the sides hemming with rope duly heat sealed. HDPE Tarpaulin generally used for the protection from rains and heavy sunlight. RAINPAULIN is not a traditional fabric, but rather laminated of woven and sheet material. HDPE woven fabric is made with HDPE tapes, laminated with LDPE, and made into desired size and shape.

HDPE Woven Fabric & Laminated Fabric

The HDPE woven fabrics offered by us are to cater the needs for the customer base both in India and abroad. These HDPE fabrics are also cost-effective and durable in the finish and are made available at very competitive prices.

We have with us vast and extensive experience in making available high quality laminated woven fabrics. Their superior construction standards make them well used for wrapping of end products like tyres, steel coils, and other industrial products. Further, with the layers of the fabric coming treated with UV stabilizers, we are also able to provide in this excellent protection and longer service life.