Process of Manufacturing of Rainpaulin Tarpaulin


Our tapeline is capable of producing the high quality of HDPE/PP tapes with state of the art technology to comply with the international standard for performance and quality output.

Circular Looms

Our looms are capable of producing weaving light and heavy or flat PP/HDPE fabrics. It has the advanced technology with higher efficiency along with excellent weaving quality used for tarpaulins, Geo and Agro Textiles. The looms are from Lohia Starlinger.

Lamination Plant

The unique lamination plant ( Made in Taiwan) of 2.3 meters in width and which gives an even thickness of minimum 12 microns. This state of the art machining achieves an international quality inch to inch in Rainpaulin Brand.

Seven Head Sealing M/C with Auto Cutter ( Made in Korea)

The process involves the production of laminated fabric with the help of laminating extrusion machine followed by Roll form, which automatically cut into required length and width for manufacturing tarpaulin in different sizes.

Quality Control

The quality achieved and maintained through continuous R&D meet the norms and need of the international standards.We do extensive quality testing for our products. Below mentioned types of equipment are used for testing purpose.