We offer tarpaulin in cut sizes as well as in full and finished sizes. The multiple structured layers make the durability very high of these tough tarpaulins and are especially suitable for rugged/rough one.

We have been successfully popular, emerging in the field of manufacturing and export of tarpaulin products.

A Tarpaulin is nothing, but a large sheet of durable, flexible, water-resistant or waterproof material. Tarpaulins often have reinforced AI-Eyelets at the corners and along the sides hemming with rope duly heat sealed. HDPE Tarpaulin generally used for the protection from rains and heavy sunlight. RAINPAULIN is not a traditional fabric, but rather laminated of woven and sheet material. HDPE woven fabric is made with HDPE tapes, laminated with LDPE, and made into desired size and shape.

Geomembrane Pond Liner

This pond lining is made strictly as per IS:15351:2015 standard having very high strength values and UV stabilization for long outdoor exposure. We are a valid license holder (Issued of Bureau of Indian Standards) and manufacturer for this item as per IS:15351:2015 specifications. We are approved by BIS to manufacture pond lining in type 2 ( 420 grams per square meter minimum).

Rainpaulin is a 100% waterproof tarpaulin manufactured strictly as per rigid specifications for HDPE fabric like mesh, strength denier and lamination with lamination grade LDPE, UV stabilization strong sealing and eyelets under the imported state of the art of the plant and types of machinery with a highly technical environment.

Product Range

100% waterproof and this quality used for covering grass bricks, packing materials, side covering and for transportation’s extra protection.
This quality is used for agricultural uses, warehousing covering, machinery covers leakages of roof, open space covering, cement storage godown and general shelters.
Cement industries for covering clinker, open warehouse, poultry curtains, heavy machinery covering, oil industries and food grain industries.
Sugar industries, for cement transportation by wagon, on trucks, fertilizer transportation, agriculture, fishery, engineering industries, and swimming pool.
This quality of tarpaulin is of 5 layers sandwiched quality. It is suitable for long life protection and provides all-weather protection covering for transportation of valuable material. Furthermore, it can be used for protection from moisture especially for monsoon sheds and mandap decorations who frequently use in all weather.
This quality of tarpaulin is heavy duty and useful for covering heavy machinery, agriculture food grains, mining, transportation, industrial covering purpose, and monsoon sheds.
This quality of tarpaulin is a long life, heavy duty and especially useful for canaling, pond lining and vermi bed.